ecobas 3r


Directed specifically to the industries and commerce, Ecobas 3R offers comprehensive training for workers in areas related to management, production, sales, marketing and public relations, how to lessen the negative environmental impacts of their activities.

The Program involves a number of Seminars and Presentations given at the industry, supported by educational material, brochures, pamphlets and posters, indicating technological environment protection solutions. The goal is to achieve an efficient handling of raw materials, products and residual waste of any production.

Many industries have carried out the Program reducing their productive costs, enhancing their relations within their employees and at the same time they have improved their relation with the community, thus increasing their labour and business efficiency.

It is essential that the employee and the professionals in charge of management of a given company become environment sensitive, permanently alert, so they would be able to detect any problems, generated by their services or their products, which may have an impact on the environment and the community.