ecobas 3r


There are three ways to contribute in a collection program:

  1. Recyclable Collection Crew: They wear a uniform and a badge of Ecobas 3R. The collector receives the recyclables directly from the residents: paper, cardboard, tins and glass containers

  2. Curbside Collection Vehicle: Complementing the work of the collector, a vehicle passes through the industrial, commercial, offices and streets collecting recycling material, weekly or biweekly.

  3. Ecological Bins: Ecobas 3R distributed in the INDUSTRY, TRADE, OR COUNTIES, to deposit their recycling material according to their disposal. These containers are opened for disposal of dry, clean paper and cardboard, clean non-returnable PET and glass bottling (non-returnable soda bottles, wine, liquor, medication, perfume and cooking oil bottles)

What type of material?

Paper & cardboard Glass Plastics

Dry, clean newspapers, copybooks, magazines, telephone books, packing, cardboard packing.

Glass bottling: wine, liquor, sodas, perfumes, medication bottles.

Disposable plastic soda bottles or non-returnable plastic bottles. They should be empty, with no lid and no label. 
Plastic containers of detergents showing the recyclable symbol and with no paper labels, yoghurt and similar containers

Tins Inks

Beer, sodas, canned goods

Cartridges and tones of Printers.