ecobas 3r


Ecobas 3R offers both the industry and for the Municipality, the following services:

  • Environment consulting and advising

  • Environment Impact research and evaluations

  • Implementing technology and systems to improve their efficiency reducing waste products

  • Marketing and Environmental Qualification

  • Handling industrial and residential waste

  • Recycling inorganic waste

Ecobas 3R supports industries and companies in planning, organizing, operating and controlling their environmental programs at their own facilities.

Ecobas 3R Integral Treatment of Waste in the Industry offers support in the following areas:

  • Environmental Qualification

  • Promoting the program selected by the client to the employees

  • Collecting, transporting, stocking up, selecting, treating and final deposit of waste

  • Technology and financing formula research of environmental programs to be applied in the company

Ecobas 3R runs an Environment Education Program intended to develop a recycling habit within the residents of the community, collecting and transporting the waste to the deposit, selecting and recycling inorganic recyclable waste.

Ecobas 3R provides consulting and advising services on environmental issues to Administration personnel of Municipalities, stating a clear and precise diagnosis of problems which may affect the environment and their solutions.